USCG Travel

Standard Operating Procedures for Processing Official Travel for U.S. Coast Guard Personnel Assigned to Naval Postgraduate School


Reference:        (a) NAVPGSCOLINST 4650.4 series   

(b) Joint Travel Regulations

               (c) Government Travel Card Regulations:

               (d) NAVSUPINST 4650.7 series


Enclosures:      (1) NAVPTO BANGOR Form 4650/2 (JUN 09)

                    (2) Travel Request Worksheet

I.  Introduction.  

Travel for United States Coast Guard (USCG) personnel at the Naval Postgraduate School must adhere to references (a) and (b). While USCG personnel are permitted to use DTS while assigned to commands that utilize DTS, system limitations prevent DTS from accepting government travel charge card (GTCC) numbers that are not associated with a Department of Defense GTCC account.  For USCG travelers requiring flights for official travel, DTS assigns the default method of payment for the airfare to the centrally billed account (CBA).  References (c) and (d) prohibit the use of a CBA for travelers who have been issued a GTCC.

To overcome the systemic limitations and allow USCG personnel to utilize DTS, USCG personnel will be required to make airfare reservations directly with the Travel Management Company (TMC) outside of DTS and settle any undisputed amounts charged on his/her GTCC directly with the GTCC vendor.

II.  Procedure. 

Travelers are directed to follow the guidance in reference(a) with the following exceptions:

Authorization.  Travelers requiring air reservations for official travel must complete enclosure(1). The Travel Office will generate an authorization in DTS for the traveler based on the submitted information in enclosure(2).  The traveler will provide the Travel Office with their GTCC information so that hotel and rental car reservations can be made IAW reference(a), as applicable.  The traveler is required to use his/her GTCC for all travel expenses incurred on official travel.  The traveler must confirm with his/her GTCC Agency Program Coordinator (APC) that his/her GTCC is active and ready to be used for official travel.

     If flight reservations are required, the traveler will generate encosure(2) based on mission requirements.  Enclosure(1) is submitted as an attachment to the Customer Service Detachment (CSD) Transportation Assistant co-located with the local Travel Management Company (TMC). If unable to submit the request through that page, enclosure(1) may be emailed to w_cni_brem_navpto? or faxed to 360-396-5855.  Once reservations are made, the TMC will send an itinerary with costs for flights to the traveler and POC in the Travel Office.  The Travel Office will add a non-mileage expense for “Tickets-Personally Proc” in DTS for the amount indicated in the invoice.  A copy of the approved orders in DTS must be forwarded to the TMC.  The TMC will purchase tickets three business days before travel and email the final itinerary to the traveler. 

Voucher.  Upon completion of travel and within five business days of return, the traveler will submit his/her voucher in DTS.  Reimbursement for all expenses will be made to the traveler’s personal account.  Any amount incurred on the traveler’s GTCC must be paid directly by the traveler.