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13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium


Mining, Mine Countermeasures, and Unmanned Systems"



Mine Warfare



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The Symposium Co-Sponsor, The Mine Warfare Association (MINWARA), is accepting registration for the symposium.

You may register on their website,, and queries can be addressed to Julie Howard at



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Planning Committee

Richard (Rick) Williams, III (RADM, USN retired)

Symposium Chair
Naval Postgraduate School, Expeditionary and Mine Warfare


Andres Larraza

Symposium Chair
Naval Postgraduate School Department of Physics

Chair, Undersea Warfare Academic Group


Clyde Scandrett
Symposium Advisor
Naval Postgraduate School Department of Applied Mathematics

Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science


Laurie Sheehan
Symposium Coordinator
Naval Postgraduate School, Program Analyst, Undersea Warfare



USW - 13th Mine Warfare - Overview


The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), OPNAV (N95), and The Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) are pleased to announce the Thirteenth International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium in Monterey, California, May 22-24, 2018.

The International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium series is the only Navy-sponsored event solely focused on naval mine warfare and associated technologies and is only held every other year. 

The Symposium is unclassified with foreign participation expected and welcome. Naval and Industry plenary speakers will address a broad range of topics including the current status and future requirements of mine warfare technology. Break-out sessions will showcase basic scientific and emerging technology research with applications to the undersea environment and specialized sessions focused on Littoral Combat Ship-centric mine warfare, advanced undersea warfare systems, mine warfare applications in Maritime Homeland Defense, environmental research and developments, operational data flow and communications, and other related areas. Many of the topics covered above will likely exploit unmanned systems to aid in meeting particular technical requirements. This symposium is being collaboratively hosted by CRUSER, chartered by the Undersecretary of the Navy, and hence topics more directly related to unmanned systems, such as propulsion, autonomy, experimentation, guidance and control, and energy to name a few, will also be addressed in break-out sessions.  


We are pleased to announce that the Mine Warfare Association (MINWARA) will once again join NPS to co-sponsor this event. MINWARA is a non-profit, educational association that began in 1995 and is devoted to education and the raising of awareness concerning mines.  Their purpose is to strengthen the national security of the United States and to assist in the attainment of international security and humanitarian objectives of the United States as set forth by the President of the United States. MINWARA is a Department of the Navy DAEO Recognized Scientific, Technical, Education, or Professional Organization IAW JER 3-206.b(3) organization. More information is available on their website:

From the Organizing Committee
Rick Williams, Andres Larraza, Clyde Scandrett

Proceedings of the 13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium




A copy of the schedule for the 13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium is available by selecting this image: Agenda image



Proceedings of the 13th International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium are available by SELECTING THIS LINK.

Presentations are housed in folders by date, time, and location of presentation.

UWAG - Lodging and Travel Info - 2020


Access to the Naval Postgraduate School

**Updated versions of all attachments will be available soon**

On the afternoon of 28 May 2021 you are invited to attend CRUSERExpo 2021. Several research labs will be open for guided tours. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Historic Hotel Del Monte!

If you are traveling on Official Orders from your government you may submit a Foreign Visit Request through your Embassy.

If you are not traveling on official orders but would like to arrange for access to the NPS Campus for CRUSERExpo 2021 please complete the Unofficial Visit Request form and submit them to the NPS Security Manager.

More information regarding access to Naval Postgraduate School (including Official Foreign Visit Request information: PDF document

Foreign National Visitor Request form (Unofficial Visit Request): PDF document 

DUE BY 01 May 2022

You may Fax this document to (+1) 831-656-2350: Attention Mr. Andy Andersen, NPS Security Manager.

Or, you may save the completed form as a .pdf and attach it to an email:

As a courtesy to the symposium coordinators, please copy your request to

REMINDER: If you are an official visitor (representing your country) you need to contact your Embassy to start the Visit Request process as soon as possible.


Hotel Information

We are pleased to announce that the Embassy Suites by Hilton Monterey Bay Seaside will be the venue, and they will have a limited block of rooms available for attendees.



If you are traveling on TAD Orders:

  • Please see the Mine Warfare Association website for information on Hotel Registration for TAD attendees. You'll find information about the Embassy Suites under "Monterey Conference" on the blue bar at the top of the page.



For those not traveling on TAD Orders, we are thrilled that you'll be joining us:

  • Please see the Mine Warfare Association website for information on Hotel Registration. You'll find information about the Embassy Suites under "Monterey Conference" on the blue bar at the top of the page.


Shuttle Information

Shuttle from the venue to the Naval Postgraduate School for the optional event on the afternoon of 21 May will be arranged. More information will be provided at the symposium.