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Public Affairs
4400 Subspecialty
920 Curriculum

Approved CIVINS School

San Diego State University

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

The U.S. Navy has identified six Educational Skill Requirements for this program. Each student should demonstrate mastery of the following learning outcomes upon completion of the program:

  1. Foundations. Students must have the ability to understand and apply research and theories of mass communication, with an emphasis on a practical and professional oriented track.
  2. Applications. Students must be able to apply social science research methods (quantitative I qualitative) to plan, implement and evaluate public affairs issues and practices. They must be able to conduct and interpret basic public opinion research in order to best act as trusted counsel to commanders and senior staff.
  3. Planning. Student must have the ability to plan and execute operational and strategic communication I public affairs within the national, joint and international arenas.
  4. Roles. Students must understand and evaluate the utility of the public affairs professional in the corporate I military leadership team and what tactical and strategic strengths public affairs brings to the overall mission execution.
  5. Process. Students must have the ability to use and understand communication processes, including the theory and practices of communication (organizational, interpersonal, persuasion, mass communication, branding, conflict resolution).
  6. Ethics. Students must understand and analyze key ethical issues involved in ensuring the public trust in all communication programs.