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JIFX Background


Since 2002, the Naval Postgraduate School's (NPS) Field Experimentation events have been conducted such that maximum innovation and collaboration are encouraged between DoD, government agencies, industry, universities, and in which SOF, National Guard, and first responder participation and feedback are utilized for effectiveness, affordability, and feasibility of future capabilities.

Building on these successes, the Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program (JIFX) was started in 2012 under the sponsorship of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Department of Homeland security.   JIFX events are held quarterly, normally at NPS facilities on the California National Guard’s Camp Roberts.  The purpose of JIFX is to provide a field experimentation resource for the Unified Combatant Commands (COCOMS) and other federal agencies.  In addition, State, local and international emergency management, disaster response and humanitarian assistance organizations participate in JIFX helping to create an innovative cooperative learning environment.

Participation in JIFX begins with the Request for Information (RFI). This document is maintained by NPS and articulates the process by which participants are invited to participate. Additionally, the RFI provides the areas of interest for the upcoming events and encourages organizations to submit a white paper in response to these areas. Once white paper responses have been been received for a given event, NPS works with the accepted papers to structure the event. Please scroll down for information relating to the RFI, how to apply for attendance, and logistical information on the venue.


Upcoming Events


The next event, JIFX 14-3, will be held 5-9 May 2014. White paper submissions for JIFX 14-3 are due no later than 4 April 2014.


Please visit our "Upcoming Events" page for information on future events.


Request for Information


For information about JIFX areas of interest, and how to run an experiment at the event, please see the event's Request for Information (RFI). 


Attendance at JIFX is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please preview the RFI document for white paper submission instructions. If accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you of your acceptance. Attendance as an observer is possible, but is reserved for government employees.




Application for Attendance


Applicants interested in attending JIFX to conduct an experiment should complete steps 1 & 2. 


Government employees (and the support contractors who represent them) wishing to attend as observers may simply complete step 2.


1. Complete JIFX White paper. Multiple white papers addressing different experiments may be submitted and reviewed individually, however each white paper must address only one experiment. White papers are submitted through a series of web fields. Please include all information in the web fields, attached documents will not be considered. 

JIFX 14-3 (May 2014)

Submissions due no later than 4 April 2014 


2. Register for Event. Every individual who will physically attend the event must register in order to be granted gate access and receive the necessary badging to participate. 


JIFX 14-3 (May 2014)

Registrations due no later than 30 April 2014



All are welcome to apply, however attendance is by invitational only. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. To be considered for the JIFX 14-3 event, prospective attendees must submit a white paper and register every individual who will be attending. Multiple white papers addressing different experiments may be submitted by each respondent, but each white paper must address only one experiment. Submissions may be reviewed by JIFX stakeholders, support contractors, and NPS faculty, staff, and students.


 Camp Roberts Information:


How to Enter the Base


All participants must enter Gate 10 (corner of Generals Rd and San Marcos Rd). DO NOT enter the main gate located on Highway 101.


Gate 10


Map of Area

Driving Directions from Nearby airports:

San Luis Obispo – 43 miles - 1 hour drive

Monterey – 110 mile - 2 hour drive

San Jose – 160 miles - 3 hour drive

San Francisco – 190 miles -  3.5 hour drive

Los Angeles – 220 miles - 4.5 hour drive

Driving Directions:

Northbound US101 or downtown Paso Robles (Gate 10)

Southbound US101



Most participants stay in Paso Robles or surrounding area. List of lodging.



Parcel Service (Individual packages, less than 150 lbs)
Attn: (*Your Company / Your Name*)
Bldg 914, Shipping & Receiving
Camp Roberts, CA 93451-5000
Ph 805-227-1314

Directly to the Airfield:  Freight
Attn: (*Your Company / Your Name*)
McMillan Airfield, East Perimeter Rd
Camp Roberts, CA 93451-5000
Ph 805-227-1314

Please contact Tristan Allen via e-mail at for any shipping questions or if your shipment requires any special equipment to unload or transport

For further information please contact:


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