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The mission of the Information Sciences department is to provide defense-relevant, advanced education and research programs to meet Naval unique needs, and increase the warfighting effectiveness of the U.S. Naval Forces, DoD and allied armed forces.

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The Department of Information Sciences provides in-residence graduate education, as well as a continuum of career-long learning opportunities, in support of defense requirements in the areas of information sciences, systems, and operations. 

MS, Information Warfare Systems Engineering
MS, Systems Technology, Joint C4I
MS, Network Operations and Technology
MS, Information Technology Management
MS, Remote Sensing Intelligence (not currently offered)
MS, Cyber Systems and Operations
MS, Applied Cyber Operations
PhD, Information Sciences

Information Sciences Department has over 40 faculty members with specialties in defense research.

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The Department maintains an internationally respected research program in selected areas of information sciences, systems, and operations, and has the capability of developing research programs in additional areas of information sciences that are required to support graduate education.

Information Sciences conducts research at the following centers:
Distributed Information Systems
Virtualization and Cloud Computing Lab
Field Experimentation
Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)

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Contact Us

1411 Cunningham Road GW-3006
Monterey, CA 93943

Phone: 831.656.2214

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LCDR Adesanya Kehinde (Kenny)
Senior IP Officer / CS, IS, & NSA Program Officer
Phone: (831) 656-7980
Email: kehinde.adesanya@nps.edu

Conceptualizing Knowledge Friction

Dr. Paul Shigley, NIWC-PAC

This dissertation explores knowledge friction. The concept knowledge flow is defined by many researchers as the transfer of actionable information between individuals, groups and organizations. Knowledge Flow Theory (KFT) frames and offers tools for conceptualizing, analyzing, visualizing, and measuring knowledge flows. Recently, Nissen conceptualized explicitness-based resistance to knowledge transfer; he referred to it as knowledge friction. Read more.
IS Dissertation Temporal Connectivity

Temporal Connectivity as a Measure of Robustness in NOMA Wireless Networks

Dr. Maj Benjamin Pimentel

The purpose of this research is to contribute to the
theoretical understanding of nonorthogonal multiple access
(NOMA) wireless networks and provide a model that informs
their practical design. This research is guided by the central question:
How does variable overloading affect robustness in
NOMA wireless networks? 


Chairman Alex Bordetsky

Welcome to the Information Sciences Department at Naval Postgraduate School. We provide graduate education and research in information sciences, systems, and operations. We focus on the DoD information environment: Operational employment and exploitation of cyberspace in the context of Integrated Fires, IO/EW planning and execution in IF, Command and Control of IF, Enterprise Architecture, Network Management, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis.

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Think Fast: NPS Student Applies Lessons To Learning In Pro Racing Debut

Alumni Spotlight

"NPS has been invaluable...One of the things that everyone says, but you do not really appreciate until you go through the process, is that NPS helps you to develop a problem-solving thought process,” stressed Hermsdorfer. “By conducting my research and working my experiments, I have been able to develop a set of problem-solving skills that I will rely upon in the future."
Lt. Cmdr. Kathryn “Kate” Hermsdorfer, NPS Alumna (2014)

Faculty Publications

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Harnessing Dynamic Knowledge Principles in the Technology-Driven World

In a technology-driven world, it is essential that enterprises develop reliable and rapid flows of knowledge to distribute evenly across organizations, time and place, and individuals in order to sustain a competitive advantage. However, most leaders and managers are unacquainted with effective knowledge flow practices.

Measuring and Managing Knowledge

Measuring and Managing Knowledge provides a framework for managing and maximizing the return on intellectual capital. Like any emerging field, knowledge management has so far been hobbled by a lack of clarity on key questions: What do we mean by "knowledge"? How can it be measured and managed? How can return on knowledge (ROK) be maximized?

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