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Faculty and Students

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NPS Faculty

Dr. Oleg Yakimenko, MAE Dept. / SE Dept., ADSC and ASEIL Director, Program Manager for the Autonomous Systems Track at NPS

Mr. Eugene Bourakov, IS Dept., CENETIX

Dr. Roberto Cristi, ECE Dept.

Dr. Peter Guest, MR Dept.

Dr. Raymond Gamache, PH Dept.

Mr. Dick Harkins, PH Dept.

Other Faculty

Dr. Nathan Slegers, Associate Professor at George Fox University, Newberg, OR

Dr. Travis Fields, Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Dr. Ryan Decker, Associate Professor at the Armaments Graduate School, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Dr. Gerard Leng, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore


ENS Tyler Mccarthy, graduated in December 2017

LT Neehar Pandya, graduated in December 2017

LT Ryan Beall, graduated in June 2017

LT Chaz Henderson, graduated in December 2016

LCDR Matthew O'Brian, graduated in September 2016

Chee Mun Kelvin Wong, graduated in September 2016

Eng Soon Lim, graduated in September 2016

Kenny Sheng Yong Teo, graduated in September 2016

LCDR Matthew D. O’Brian, graduated in September 2016

CDR Andrew Hall, graduated in June 2016

CDR Charles Hewgley, PhD student, graduated in March of 2014

Mr. Ryan Decker, PhD student, graduated in December of 2013

Mr. Harn Chin Teo, graduated in September 2013

Mr. Junwei Choon, graduated in September 2013

Mr. Chua Boon Heng, graduated in March 2013

Ms. Venessa Ng Mei Ling, graduated in September 2012

Mr. Chua Chee Nam, graduated in September 2012

Mr. Adam Yingling, PhD student, graduated in September of 2012

Ens. Michael Martin, graduated in June 2012

Mr. Joshua Benton, graduated in June of 2012

Lt. Levi Jones, graduated in March of 2012

Mr. Zheng Liang Lu, graduated in December 2011

Capt. Daniel Perh, graduated in December 2011

Lt. Georgios Milionis, graduated in September of 2011

Ms. Melissa Corley, PhD student, graduated in September of 2010

Ms. Robyn Tiaden, graduated in June of 2010

Mr. Weng Wai Leong, graduated in December 2009

Mr. David Meissner, graduated in September of 2009

Mr. Choon Seong Chua, graduated in December of 2008

Mr. Ryan Tiaden, graduated in December of 2007

Mr. Robert Berlind, graduated in March of 2006

Mr. Paul Mortaloni, graduated in December of 2002

Mr. Christopher Junge, graduated in December of 2001

Mr. James Johnson, graduated in September of 2001

Mr. Timothy Williams, graduated in June of 2000

Mr. Scott Dellicker, graduated in March of 1999


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