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Conrad Scholar Program

The Conrad Scholar Program's objective is to enhance professional development opportunities for students and faculty, and conduct and direct research supportive of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) in areas of resource management. Up to four top Financial Management M.B.A. students per graduating class are identified as potential Conrad Scholars and cleared to complete their theses...

Thesis topics are selected to address issues of importance to the Defense Department's financial management community and are approved by the program sponsor, the Director of the Office of Budget (FMB). The students brief their theses to the FMB and other interested members of the Operational Navy (OPNAV), Headquarters, Marine Corps (HQMC) and Secretariat staffs. Additionally, they may be asked to write an essay for publication based on their theses.

If Conrad Scholars have their essays published, it provides excellent exposure for their research. Numerous requests for copies of Conrad Scholar theses have resulted in extending the reach of their research and its value to the Department.

Conrad Chair: VADM John Terence Blake, USN (Ret.)