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Information Management

MBA in Information Management

This curriculum provides both the technical skills and business acumen to effectively deal with our constantly evolving digital world.

The Information Age has generated a revolution in the means in which we conduct business and warfare. New technologies have changed the traditional views of the marketplace, supply chain management, and logistics. As the range and complexity of computer applications have grown, the need to manage and exploit those resources has increased. 

Information Management (Curriculum 870)

The Information Systems Management graduate shall have the knowledge skills and competencies to:

  • Manage the acquisition of Information Systems
  • Manage Information Systems and infrastructure support afloat and ashore
  • Solve Information Systems engineering and management problems individually and in teams
  • Effectively manage and lead in today's constantly changing digital world
  • Develop and implement effective strategies and policies to take advantage of technological opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Assimilate new technologies and transform organizations, processes, and strategies to compete in the marketplace or on the battlefield. These general education skill requirements are supported by the following topical educational skill requirements.
Accordion MBA Information Management


The Five U.S. uniformed services; Department of Defenses and Federal employees; International officers and Government employees; DOD and federal government contractors

Requirements for Entry

A baccalaureate degree with above-average grades is required. Completion of at least two semesters of college algebra or trigonometry is considered to be the minimum mathematical preparation. An Academic Profile Code (APC) of 345 is required for entry. International students should refer to the Admissions section for current TOEFL and entrance requirements.

Delivery Mode: 


Entry Dates: 

January and July

Program Length

Six Quarters (1309P with JPME I)


Requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree are met en route to satisfying the Educational Skills Requirements


Completion of this curriculum qualifies a U.S. Navy officer as a Logistics - Information Technology subspecialist (subspecialty code 1309P). The 1309P code is applicable only to Supply Corps Officers (3100/3105/3107).

Typical Subspecialty Jobs

Project /Program Manager, Hardware Systems Command; NAVSISA, Project Officer; Business Manager, PEO; CIO, Acquisition Office

Curriculum Sponsor: 

Naval Supply Systems Command

Contact Information

Academic Associate: Dr. Glenn R. Cook
Program Officer: CDR Colleen Jackson, SC, USN

Applications for this program are handled through the Admissions Office at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Apply now through the Admissions Office.