Master of Science Engineering Science (AE) Degree Program For USNTPS Graduates (Curriculum 613)

This program is available to graduates of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), providing an opportunity to obtain a Master of Science in Engineering Science with a major in Aerospace Engineering – MSES(AE). This is a distance-learning program building upon the USNTPS academic and flight test instruction, with the student's USNTPS final flight test project and report (DT-IIA) serving in lieu of a thesis.  It will provide advanced aerospace engineering knowledge to the test pilot and flight test engineer.

NPS instruction will include advanced aerodynamics, aircraft structures, stability and control, and propulsion, and may also include systems engineering, autonomous vehicles, and air vehicle survivability. Instruction in flight system testing from the USNTPS as well as advanced graduate education in aerospace engineering topics from the NPS will qualify graduates of this program to participate in all technical aspects of naval air weapon systems acquisition.


Curriculum (typical)

Upon entry into the program students will typically enroll in one course per quarter to be taken via synchronous distance learning, using live video-teleconference between the Naval Postgraduate School and classrooms in NAS Patuxent River, NAWC China Lake, and NAS Point Mugu . All requirements must be completed within three calendar years from entry. The typical 6-course sequence would include:

Q1 – Summer
ME3205          Missile Aerodynamics

Q2 – Fall
AE4452          Advanced Missile Propulsion

Q3 – Winter
ME4703          Missile Flight Dynamics and Control

Q4 – Spring
ME3611          Mechanics of Solids II

Q5 – Summer
ME4704          Missile Design

Q6 – Fall
SE3100   Fundamentals of Systems Engineering


Students must be graduates of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) main curriculum, currently a 48-week program resident at NAS Patuxent River, MD.  Students must also have a written command endorsement.

Eligibility, Tuition, and Program Availability

In addition to completion of the USNTPS main curriculum, an academic profile code (APC) of 323 is needed.  Explanation of the APC code elements can be found in the NPS Catalog, Admissions section, found at the following link:  Naval Postgraduate School Catalog - download
All entrants must be nominated for the program by the designated program coordinator and the primary consultant for USNTPS.

The MSES-AE program (613 curric.) is a funded graduate education program for active duty USN and USMC officers who are USNTPS graduates, and there is no tuition costs to the students for participation in this program (USN and USMC active duty).

Student Application Form

To apply for this program, please complete and submit the Student Application Form.

Contact Information

For additional information specific to the program, please email the 613 Curric. Program Director.