Chairman's Welcome

Hobson Chairman's Welcome

 Welcome to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department. I invite you to browse our web site and learn more about the exciting educational and research programs. We offer resident Master's and Doctoral degree programs in both Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and we provide distance learning programs, to several customers. We also conduct basic and applied research in a broad range of discipline areas, including Power and Propulsion, Space Systems, Autonomous Vehicles and Control, Materials, and Computational Mechanics. More...

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Garth V. Hobson, MAE Chairman, (831) 656-2888


Distinguished Alumni and Faculty


Admiral James Watkins, USN (Ret.)
Secretary of Energy, 1989-1993
Chief of Naval Operations, 1982-1986
NPS Class of 1958, Mechanical Engineering

"In 1954, I made the decision to stay in the Navy because I was accepted at the Naval Postgraduate School. Several times throughout my career, my NPS education was critical, in one case probably saving the ship during an operational emergency at sea. I heavily relied on my NPS engineering education both as CNO and as the Secretary of Energy. NPS has excellent programs in science and technology that will advance your career, contribute to the Navy, and enhance national security. The unique environment will provide you the opportunity to make a direct impact."



Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and
Engineering, SEA-05, Naval Sea Systems Command

"After my first sea tour on a nuclear powered Cruiser, I decided to attend the Naval Postgraduate School in the Mechanical Engineering Department, a decision that would set my life down a path of rich reward.  After my first year in there, I realized that although I loved driving ships, I loved the art and science of Engineering that allowed us to propel and power these ships and weapons system even more.  I applied for, and was accepted into the Engineering Duty Officer community.   The Professors in the ME department were unmatched, and the laboratory facilities and one-on-one instruction from some of the best minds in the world was extremely rewarding.  I would stack my education in the ME department against the same degree from any University in the country.   In no other higher education facility will you get an education tailored to advancing engineering specifically associated with the needs of the Navy and Warfighter.  I am beyond humbled to be a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Program at NPS!"




Rear Admiral Timothy V. Flynn III, USN
NPS Class of 1993
Mechanical Engineering

"I encourage all Naval Officers to obtain a technical graduate degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. I earned a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at NPS and have frequently drawn on the analytical thinking and technical problem-solving skills honed during the academic course work and under the mentorship of the world-class faculty. Unlike civilian graduate schools, NPS enables its students to focus their research on actual warfighter challenges that have a direct impact on our national security. The sub-specialty earned at NPS will enable the graduate to make an even greater contribution to our Navy and Nation in the future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that my NPS education provided and most strongly recommend pursuing a technical master's degree at NPS during the first shore assignment."

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Technology and Research Focus


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