Service Academies

Service Academies

NPS has supported the U.S. military undergraduate service academies through a broad range of internship opportunities over the past several years. High-performing service academy students work very closely with NPS faculty and researchers on a variety of projects. Areas of concentration for the summer programs span several NPS departments and academic groups, from cyber infrastructure and autonomous systems to aerospace engineering and space systems.

Service Academy interns are typically placed by academic discipline, with faculty at both NPS and the academy collaborating on specific programs of study, sponsorship details and defined responsibilities.

U.S. Naval Academy

Midshipmen have become a common sight on the NPS campus during the short summer break in Annapolis. Over the past several years, midshipmen have spent time on the NPS campus working in a broad range of relevant disciplines. A few recent examples include:

  • A team of computer science students at the Naval Academy spent the summer with NPS’ Cyber Academic Group on research projects in cloud computing, software engineering and computer-controlled systems.
  • A small group of midshipmen worked with NPS’ Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Institute on the application of quick response (QR) codes for emission-controlled, tactical communications.
  • The NPS Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has hosted midshipmen for a number of years – typically students are enrolled in the aeronautical/astronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, ocean/marine engineering, or systems engineering majors.

NPS also partners with the U.S. Naval Academy through the following Scholarship Programs:

  • Bowman Scholarship Program
  • Navy Burke Scholarship Program

U.S. Military Academy

West Point cadets have also been frequent interns on campus during the summer months.

  • Each summer, a cadre of typically six seniors in the mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering (aeronautical) curricula spend a month on campus placed in any one of a number of the mechanical engineering department laboratories. Areas of study include all aspects of advanced materials, energy, power and propulsion (biofuels), structures, controls and autonomous systems, and space systems engineering.
  • USMA Cadets can also be selected for internships with the Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research participating in studies related to secure computing, information security studies, and more.

NPS also partners with the Marine Corps on the Marine Corps Buke Scholarship Program

U.S. Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy cadets are a relatively newer addition to campus over the past few years, but it is a partnership that is developing and growing.

  • Like the Army and Naval Academies, Air Force cadets also participate in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering internships in laboratories across the department, and through a full range of possible fields of study.
  • For the first time, behavioral science majors from the Air Force academy also spent several weeks on campus studying social network traffic, analysis methods, data visualization techniques, and much more through the NPS Department of Defense Analysis.

For additional information on any of the current internship initiatives with the five DOD service academies, please contact the NPS Public Affairs Office at

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Service Academies
Midshipmen Intern, Mentor with NPS Cyber Academic Group Faculty

A small cadre of midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis are wrapping-up a weeks-long internship with Naval Postgraduate School Cyber Academic Group (CAG) faculty, June 18. Sponsored by the National Reconnaissance Office, the interns traveled to the West Coast during their school’s summer break to get hands-on experience in software engineering, cloud computing and computer-controlled systems.