Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLE)

  • Ten (10) days of TLE is authorized for transferring students. Ensure you get a non-availability of government quarters, if required, to ensure reimbursement and have hard copy orders in hand. 

         Navy Lodge: (831) 372-6133

  • COVID-19 calls for special protocols to be in place - to help answers these questions and provide up to date guidance, please visit the New Student page. For additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your sponsor or the Senior Marine Office. 
  • You are encouraged to visit NPS while on house hunting/TAD orders. Military Housing on the Monterey Peninsula has been privatized under the Army's Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) since 2003. The housing is managed by "The Parks at Monterey Bay" with locations at La Mesa Village, Fort Ord Military Community, and the Presidio of Monterey. 

         The Parks at Monterey Bay 


Service members assigned to NPS have an entitlement to non-temporary storage at origin (i.e. the last duty station) as part of their PCS move. Students are encouraged to use this entitlement. However, household goods brought to Monterey to be subsequently put into storage at the government's expense must be approved by the NPS Supply Officer or they can be stored at the owner's expense. 

  •     According to the JFTR entitlement to store at destination is only applicable for students residing in Military Housing. 
  •     NPS Students requesting Non-Temp Storage must contact the Personal Property Office or call (831) 656-2151.  


Local School Information:

The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) serves all military housing areas plus the local cities of Monterey, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Sand City and Marina. Some schools serving the military housing areas experience over-enrollment at various times during the school year, making coordination between the local military installations and MPUSD key to ensuring the District is informed of the number of incoming military school age children. 

For further school district information, any school related issue/special need or if you are arriving in the middle of a school year, please contact the School Liaison Office: 

    NSA Monterey School Liaison Officer: (831) 656-1008 


Fleet and Family Support Center

  • Start here and click on "Programs and Services", then "Relocation Information", then "Sites". 
  • FFSC provides Tricare Information, employment assistance for spouses and Monterey County Unified School District Information 
  •    Contact (831) 656-3060 for more information 


Help is available 24/7

Personal Help

  •    Clinical Counseling
  •    Relocation Assistance 
  •    Financial Consultations: Navy Region SW Fleet and Family Support Center at 866-923-6478

When you need confidential local help:   

  •    NPS Chaplain 831-656-3996
  •    Fleet and Family Services in La Mesa (Appointment Recommended) 831-656-3060
  •    Eric Stone, LCSW with POTFF Program 646-597-3018

When you need medical help:

  •    Health Clinic 866-957-2256 
  •    24/7 Nurse Advice Line 800-874-2273

When you or your family need someone to talk to: 

  •    Crisis Line 24/7, 800-273-8255 - Available for Active Duty, Family/Friends and Veterans 
  •    Military and Family Life Counselor, Raceal McWhorter, LMFT 831-233-0427 
  •    Military OneSource, 800-342-9647


Officer Student Spouse Club 

Monterey Bay Spouses Club is a non-profit organization focused on providing enrichment and mentoring for military spouses in the Monterey area through planned social and fellowship events. MBSC also provides philanthropic support through college scholarships for military dependents. 

Join us and stay in touch on social media!

Community Information 

Study at the Naval Postgraduate School brings the extraordinary benefit of living in the one of the country's most popular travel destinations in the western United States. There is much to see and do during a trip to the Monterey Peninsula, here are a few ideas to get you started!