Undersea Warfare

The NPS Undersea Warfare curriculum offers students the opportunity to study the fundamental principles that apply to the design, performance, and employment of sensors, unmanned vehicles, and tactics in the undersea environment. The program combines electrical and mechanical engineering, mathematics, oceanography, physics, and operations research into a multi-disciplinary program of study. This unique curriculum permits students to select a degree program based on personal interests and undergraduate education, providing more in-depth study in a specific area.

Students in the Undersea Warfare (USW) Program earn a Master of Science degree from one of several programs, while pursuing coursework and research specific to the undersea domain.

Available degrees include: Engineering Acoustics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Physical Oceanography, Operations Research, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Network Operations & Technology, and Cyber Systems & Operations.

In addition, US Navy students earn a 6301P subspecialty code and Phase 1 JPME certification.



“The Naval Postgraduate School is unique. There are many institutions that solve problems and create new capabilities. NPS solves our Navy’s most vexing problems and creates our critical capabilities. In doing so, students also exchange ideas with the future leaders of the Armed Services of our allies and partners. This makes NPS, its faculty, and its students a national strategic jewel in our nation's crown.”  

Admiral John Richardson USN, Retired
Served as the 31st Chief of Naval Operations
Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program



"Preserving American superiority from the depths of the sea ultimately rests in our ability to think and adapt faster than those who would oppose us.  Ours is a storied history of fielding offsetting capabilities in the face of global threats, but past performance is a poor guarantee of future success.  The determined adversaries of near future conflicts are committed to winning the battle for the next great idea.  The frontline of this fight remains the grounds of our academic institutions, with none more crucial to sustaining the initiative than the Naval Postgraduate School."

VADM Rick Breckenridge USN, Retired
Former Deputy Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
NPS Graduate, Undersea Warfare Curriculum




"In my Commander's Intent for the Submarine Force, our Force's Vision for 2025 calls for us to "Get Faster." NPS  develops officers with the intellectual foundation to be "fast" in our learning, processes, and innovation."

VADM Joe Tofalo USN, Retired
Former Commander Naval Submarine Forces


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