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Director of Programs

Director of Programs Office directly support the NPS’s mission of providing relevant and unique advance education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers of the naval service to enhance the security of the United States. 

NPS provides post baccalaureate degree and non-degree programs in over 60 sub-specialty, academic, and professional areas not available through other educational institutions.  NPS curricula are designed to educate officers by means of Core Skill Requirements (CSRs) and specific Educational Skill Requirements (ESRs). 

Skill requirements define educational objectives that—in combination with academic requirements mandated by accreditation standards—allow officers to perform effectively in given subspecialty-coded billets.

NPS Director of Programs:

  1. Provides quarterly graduation report to OPNAV N127 and NPC (PERS-4), listing graduates, non-graduates without thesis extensions and reason, and non-graduates with thesis extensions. Upon completion of thesis, member shall be listed as a graduate providing all other degree requirements are met.
  2. Forwards all extension and curriculum change requests to OPNAV N127 via PERS-440 for adjudication. However, projected rotation date (PRD) extensions are not authorized for students to (1)complete thesis and (2) complete dual Master's degrees.
  3. Students have upto one year to complete thesis upon detaching from school. Detaching fitness reports from school shall note if thesis has not been completed.
  4. Submits quarterly academic probationary report to OPNAV N127 and NPC (PERS-4).
  5. Ensures and requires all students to take a full courseload year-round (at least four courses per quarter at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)).
  6. Responsible for tracking, coordinating, and standardizing all curriculum reviews.


FY18 Updates:

Requirements Management Community I 6511 Subspecialty Code:

  • New for FY18 is the Requirements Management (RM) community 6511 subspecialty code (SSC) "family". This effort is led by N9I I N80 with CNO direction.  6511 will include the new 6501 and 6502 SSCs (curriculum 51A and the 816/836) which are based on existing NPS curricula.  Included in the 6511 SSC family are 3100, 3105, 3110, 3210 and 3211 SSCs.

Fleet Scholars Education Program (FSEP):

  • 30 opportunities are allocated for FSEP in FYl 8.  FSEP is a Navy talent management initiative that provides education opportunities to community-selected URL and Information Warfare Community (IWC) officers.  FSEP selectees will attend an accredited graduate school of their choice in-residence (CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii) for up to 24 months.  Distance learning, medical and legal education are not authorized under this program.  FSEP participants shall receive the Additional Qualification Designation (AQD) code 24H.


Bowman Scholar Program:

  • 20 quotas are allocated for the FYI 8 Bowman Scholar program, which is a return to the historical annual number of quotas; this is an increase by 6 from FYI 7.  Bowman Scholars shall participate in a one-year engineering program at NPS with a June/July start.  Waivers require OPNAV N127 approval.  Bowman Scholar graduates shall receive the "I" suffix subspecialty code, as well as a "P" or "G" dependent on Education Skill Requirements (ESR) completion.

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Contact Us

Director Of Programs (Code 52)

Naval Postgraduate School

1 University Circle, Herrmann Hall Room HE-043

Monterey, CA 93943-5033


Phone:  831-656-3658

Email: Director of Programs


For information on Civilian Institutions:

Civilian Institutions Office (CIVINS)

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Annual Graduate Education Quotas

with Naval Postgraduate School Oversight


Degree Programs

NPS 391
NPS Tech refresh 90
NPS Bowman 20
PHDs 5
Air Force Institute of Technology 5
National Intelligence University 5
Pol Mil Masters Program 8
Permanent military Professor Program 8
Law Education Program 6
Fleet Scholar Education Program (FSEP) 30
Purdue Military Research Initiative 6
Degree Programs Total 686