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NPS Extended Campus (NEC) videographers transform academic experiences with professional recording, interactive sessions, and multimedia enhancements. Expertise includes content refinement and tools like the One Button Studio and Lightboard. We support videography needs, from promotional content to live event capture.

Instructional Design

NPS Extended Campus (NEC) instructional designers collaborate with instructors to integrate innovative teaching strategies and technology, align learning objectives with course goals, provide guidance on assessment design, and offer feedback for various content delivery formats to enhance learning.

Educational Programming

NPS Extended Campus (NEC) educational programmers specialize in educational technology integration, interactive online modules, and tailored multimedia content. Services include 2D educational games, training for custom applications, LTI applications for Sakai, and high-quality interactive media creation for dynamic educational environments.

Visual Design

NPS Extended Campus (NEC) visual designers collaborate with other service areas to create visually appealing and functional design elements, including publications, graphics, logos, and fonts, to establish a cohesive visual identity and enhance engagement with diverse audiences.


Where to Find Us

The NEC department is located on campus in the Dudley Knox Library, room 154. We’re here to help with any course or design needs, from recording lectures to designing visual aids.

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