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One of the major goals of the NPS Research Program is provide cost-effective research and unique research laboratory facilities that permit students and faculty to support Navy/DoD needs. NPS provides independent assessments of proposed solutions to military issues, pre-deployment evaluation of new technologies, and combined student-faculty expertise for current research and development programs.

Research Programs

NPS Research Programs are comprised of:

Research is conducted in every academic department and in the research and education institutes.

NPS also has a number of Patents and Express Licenses available on the TechLink website.


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Research Facts for FY20

Additional Research Facts for FY20

21 new Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) or Limited-Purpose CRADAs were executed.

fellowships awarded to NPS students by the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

16 National Research Council Research Associates on tenure

11 visiting faculty members hosted by NPS from the Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program

12 non-provisional patent applications filed by NPS Researchers

14 provisional patent applications filed by NPS Researchers

7 new inventions disclosures filed by NPS Researchers

13 patents awarded

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