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Many of the NPS Research publications are available in the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.  You can read more information about the our archive system here.

Other Publication Information:

  • Publications listed in faculty vitaes, you can search the Faculty Vitae database.
  • Patents awarded to NPS, you can search within the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun, or go to the Patents page for a list by year.

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Annual Reports are produced each year, and contain information on department, center and institute sponsored funding expenditures.  Annual Reports are available online in the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.

Sponsored Research Annual Reports Collection

The NPS Research Newsletter was produced regularly until 2013.  The newsletter contained information on monthly funding trends, publications, funded proposals, and special reports.  NPS Research Newsletters are available in the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.

NPS Research Newsletter Collection

Research Summary books are annual compilations of funded and unfunded research at NPS.  These books were produced annually until 2011, and will eventually be replaced by the Research Portal.  Past editions of the these Research Summary books are available in the NPS Intuitional Archive, Calhoun.

Summaries of NPS Research Collection

Theses and Dissertations are available in the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.

Compilation of Thesis Abstracts by quarter are also available on the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.


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