Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Program at the Naval Postgraduate School was initiated in response to legislation passed to encourage the transfer of federally funded technologies to the private sector. The primary objectives of the Technology Transfer Program at NPS are to initiate partnerships with industry and/or academia, license existing technologies, and encourage and assist faculty and staff to transfer newly developed technologies to the private sector.


Technology Transfer at NPS is served in various forms: Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, patents, and publications.

Faculty submitting articles for publication may be asked to sign a "release or assign" copyright protection. As works written in the course of the faculty's employment by the United States Government are not covered by copyright protection, there are no rights to "assign." In the cases where the publisher must have a declaration to accept the publication, the Copyright Declaration Form is acceptable for use and is available internally for NPS Users.

A list of Naval Technologies, including those developed at NPS, can be found at:


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