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Generative AI guidance

How does NPS feel about generative AI use in academic work? What are the citation rules? How do you access the Generative AI Hub on Teams? Find it all on our new Generative AI resource page.

Take a seat at a GWC write-in! Work alongside peers and encourage each other as you meet your writing goals. Held every Friday in Herrmann Hall's Executive Briefing Center and via Zoom, 1000–1430.

What kinds of assistance do writing coaches provide? How do I make an appointment? What are the logistics of working with a coach? Learn more about the coaching process and how GWC coaching can work for you!

For some basic re-training in grammar and punctuation, try our writing mechanics modules, with fun quizzes to test comprehension and awareness.

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The GWC is located on the first floor of Dudley Knox Library on the NPS campus.

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The GWC helps NPS students develop writing and critical thinking skills for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

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