Online Drop-in

Library Drop-in Desk

    Have a relatively quick question? A short paper that's due today? Try our drop-in service,
now offered both in person and online!

Mon–Fri, 1200–1300 Pacific Time
Dudley Knox Library, 1st floor
or via Zoom

The drop-in desk doesn't take appointments or read-aheads. A writing coach will meet you on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dropping in on campus?

We're on the first floor of the Dudley Knox Library. Simply sign in at the drop-in desk, and a coach will meet with you when it's your turn.

Dropping in online?

Use the Zoom login information at the link below to access the drop-in session. Keep an eye on the chat; a coach will send you a message when it's your turn.

Click for Zoom details