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To develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

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Coaching Hours: Spring 2014

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0800–1400, 1500–1800






1000–1100, 1200–1300,
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First floor, Dudley Knox Library

To contact an individual GWC member, go to Contact Us (NPS login required).

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Being a good writer will empower you. In a world where security challenges require careful analysis, writing takes on increasing importance. Becoming a strong writer requires practice, constructive feedback, and a solid understanding of technique. Learn how to sign up for writing coaching and workshops, then go to WCOnline to sign up.

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Winter-Quarter Events

GWC & DKL  Writing & Research Workshops

Sign up now for winter-quarter workshops! Sharpen your research, writing, and critical-thinking skills! In 60- to 90-minute online sessions, GWC coaches and DKL librarians teach proven strategies and techniques to help you excel in your coursework, exams, and theses. Offered through January. Enroll via WCOnline.

Writing Opportunities

Join Write-ins every Friday 1000–1430

Write-ins give you a place to concentrate, write, and make progress on a paper or thesis, with writing coaches and librarians on hand to help. No appointment required—come for all or part of the time. Write-ins currently meet via Zoom!

Calls for Papers: Get published!

Visit our Calls for Papers page to learn about exciting competitions and other publication opportunities open to NPS students. Next up: the U.S. Naval Institute 2021 General Prize Essay Contest and the 2022 General William E. DePuy Special Topics Writing Competition: "Insights from Two Decades in Afghanistan."

Learning Resources

Apostrophes Infographic

Looking to possess apostrophe knowledge pronto? We've contracted the apostrophe essentials into this infographic, which offers a quick rundown on correct usage—what is and isn't.

Abstracts Infographic

If abstracts are feeling a bit...abstract, have a look at our abstracts infographics, tailored to your discipline, which give concrete guidance about what components to include to summarize your document effectively.

Video Clips

Finding & Working with Your Thesis Advisor

This must-see video is the best relationship advice you’ll get in grad school! In 7:40, you’ll learn about 1) how to find a thesis advisor, 2) your advisor's role, and 3) your role with your advisor.

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