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Summer Writing & Research Workshops

Sign up now for summer-quarter live workshops! Learn proven techniques to help you excel in graduate school. Choose from more than 50 sessions throughout July. Enroll today! 

Lt Col Lyon—emergency medicine physician, award-winning NPS graduate in defense analysis, and widely published author—shares her thoughts on publishing and making the most of grad-school writing.

Creative writing strengthens language skills, enhances self-expression, and exposes us to different perspectives. Visit Military Creative Writing Outlets for publishing opportunities and more creative writing resources.

​​​Need some basic re-training in grammar and punctuation? Get in shape quickly with these short videos that test comprehension!

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The GWC is located on the first floor of Dudley Knox Library on the NPS campus.

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The GWC helps NPS students develop writing and critical thinking skills for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

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