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Calls for papers invite writers to submit manuscripts on a particular theme, subject, or question, typically for the purpose of placing different perspectives in conversation with one another, harnessing the power of many minds to tackle an important issue.

Interested in writing for one of these calls? The GWC supports students' publication efforts through pre-submission review, available via a coaching appointment, as well as through our publication workshops—"Writing for Online Outlets" and "Writing for Academic Journals."

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The 2022 General William E. DePuy Special Topics Writing Competition: "Insights from Two Decades in Afghanistan"

submissions due 18 July 2022 / submission guidelines

The Army University Press journal Military Review seeks papers that "highlight from a 'boots on the ground' perspective what specifically the U.S. Army should learn from its twenty-year experience in Afghanistan." Per the guidelines, "preference will be given to articles where authors primarily discuss . . . lessons learned salient to the operational and tactical levels of conflict," including "detailed and feasible solutions to the problems identified" supported by "in-depth research."

Winning essays have an opportunity to be published in Military Review. Submissions should be approximately 3,000 words; for a list of potential topics, see the announcement.

Calls for Papers archive

Calls for Papers Archive

U.S. Naval Institute 2021 General Prize Essay Contest

submissions due 31 December 2021 / submission guidelines

"The conventional over-match the U.S. military enjoyed at the end of the Cold War is eroding, and renewed competition will require the Sea Services to rethink how to address national, strategic, and operational challenges and the way they will have to fight." The USNI General Prize Essay Contest asks writers to consider, in no more than 3,000 words, some question related to these issues; for a list of potential topics, see the announcement.

The contest is open to active-duty military, reservists, veterans, and civilians. The three prizewinning essays will be published in Proceedings.

U.S. Naval Institute 2021 Information Warfare Essay Contest

submissions due 31 October 2021 / submission guidelines

In a maximum of 2,500 words, participants may address such questions as, "How might the opening salvoes of the next war begin in the information space . . . ?" or "What specific information warfare technologies . . . should the U.S. military be investing in now?" Essays can also take up an information warfare–related topic of the author's choosing.

The 2020 first-prize winner, CPT Don Gomez, recently published an article with current NPS student Capt Robert Stelmack; the 2020 second-prize winner, LCDR Ryan Hilger, is an NPS graduate and award-winning writer.

The contest is open to active-duty military, reservists, veterans, and civilians. The three prizewinning essays will be published in Proceedings.

U.S. Naval Institute 2021 Leadership Essay Contest

submissions due 31 October 2021 / submission guidelines

The Leadership Essay Contest is open to Junior officers (LCDR / Major and below) from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Essays are limited to 2,000 words and should examine "the roles of leadership and character in the U.S. Sea Services from the perspective of tomorrow's leaders." The three prizewinning essays will be published in Proceedings.

2021 Major General Harold J. "Harry" Greene Awards for Acquisition Writing

submissions due 30 September 2021 / submission guidelines

The 8th annual acquisition writing awards provide a platform to discuss how the Army can best deliver capabilities to Soldiers. Share your ideas, expertise, and solutions in one of four categories: acquisition reform, future operations, innovation, or lessons learned.

Submissions must be original articles, opinion pieces, or essays and not previously entered in a writing competition (500–1,800 words, unclassified).

Four winners and four honorable mentions will be published in an Army AL&T magazine Spring supplement and honored at the U.S. Army Acquisition Executive’s Excellence in Leadership Awards Ceremony held in Washington, D.C.

The Strategy Bridge 4th Quarter 2021 Call for Papers

submissions due 27 September 2021 / submission guidelines

The Strategy Bridge is seeking articles that feature "a tailored thesis-driven argument exploring that thought using historical case studies, political theory, or other avenues of inquiry . . . in the realms of strategy, national security, and military affairs." For a list of potential topics, see the announcement.

Submissions are limited to 2,000 words; selected pieces will be published in November.

2021 U.S. Naval Institute-CIMSEC Fiction Contest

submissions due 15 September 2021 / submission guidelines

CIMSEC and the U.S. Naval Institute are partnering to invite authors to share their visions of the future in the second joint fiction essay contest. Authors should probe the future of international maritime security and conflict, in this world or another, and envision how potential discord may play out (for examples, see past winners.)

Essays must be original, not previously published online or in print, or being considered for publication elsewhere (3,000 words max).

First through third place authors win monetary awards and a 1-year membership in the Naval Institute and CIMSEC. The winning essay will be published in Proceedings magazine and on the Naval Institute and CIMSEC websites. Some non-winning essays may also be published.

NPS Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI) and the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC)

submissions due 26 July 2021 / submission guidelines

NWSI and CIMSEC are looking for students and faculty to submit short articles (1,000–3,000 words) on how emerging technologies may impact operations. Adapt a class paper, thesis abstract, or executive summary.