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​​​​​​​To develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

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Coronavirus Update:

GWC coaches currently work with students remotely. For information, download our COVID FAQ.

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First floor, Dudley Knox Library

To contact an individual GWC member, go to Contact Us (NPS login required).

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Being a good writer will empower you. In a world where security challenges require careful analysis, writing takes on increasing importance. Becoming a strong writer requires practice, constructive feedback, and a solid understanding of technique. Learn how to sign up for writing coaching and workshops, then go to WCOnline to sign up.

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​​​​​GWC Community

Want to get published? 

NPS’s Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI) and the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) are looking for students and faculty to submit short articles (1,000–3,000 words) on how emerging technologies may impact operations. Adapt a class paper, thesis abstract, or executive summary! Visit the GWC’s publishing portal for more information on how we support student publishing, and see CIMSEC's full call for papers. Submissions due 26 July 2021. 

​Voices Unmasked: COVID-era Poetry

We invite NPS students, faculty, and staff—new and experienced poets alike—to share and discuss original poetry written during the COVID-19 pandemic. Voices Unmasked provides contributors and readers with a platform for creative expression. Discover how poetry improves dexterity with the written word, teaches us to think in new ways, and unites us as a community.

Students Are Telling Us: Write-ins Work!

  • “The most productive use of Friday prior to the weekend.”
  • “Library and writing resources are second to none!”
  • "A space to work on projects and papers with other like-minded students."

Join Friday write-ins via Zoom, 1000–1430 Pacific Time! Write-ins give you a place to concentrate, write, and make progress on a paper or thesis. Writing coaches and librarians are on hand to help. No appointment required—come for all or part of the time.

New Resources

Common Knowledge Infographic

To cite or not to cite? It may depend on whether the information is common knowledge, which in turn depends on your audience. Our common knowledge infographic will help you determine whether information in your writing is common for all readers, common for field-specific readers, or commonly uncommon!

Literature Review Infographic

What's a literature review for? What should it include? How should it be organized? Our quick guide to literature reviews breaks down the process into four clear steps.

Online Services

Asynchronous Coaching

Whether you’re overseas or overloaded, you can get writing help any time by signing up for asynchronous coaching. Submit a paper or thesis chapter draft to your coach, then receive emailed feedback by 1700 Pacific the day of your appointment.

Drop-in Coaching via Zoom

Have a quick question? A short paper that's due today? Drop in and talk to a coach on Zoom! Offered M–F, 1300–1400 Pacific Time. Check WCOnline or this page for details.

Video Highlights

Finding & Working with Your Thesis Advisor

This must-see video is the best relationship advice you’ll get in grad school! In 7:40, you’ll learn about 1) how to find a thesis advisor, 2) your advisor's role, and 3) your role with your advisor..

"What's Different About Academic Writing?"

Don't miss this six-minute refresher on the fundamentals of academic writing.

"Plagiarism's Haunting Legacy"

Also check out "Plagiarism's Haunting Legacy" (5:27), a video produced by the Thesis Processing Office, to get an idea of how pervasive and harmful plagiarism is.

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