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Writing Mechanics Modules

​​​Need some basic re-training in grammar and punctuation? Get in shape quickly with these short videos that test comprehension!

Creative writing strengthens language skills, enhances self-expression, and exposes us to different perspectives. Our Military Creative Writing Outlets page collects publishing opportunities, archives of work by service members, and other resources on the value of creative writing.

On our new Faculty Support pages, learn more about how we partner with faculty; find resources for helping students write; and explore tools for optimizing the student–advisor relationship.

The GWC's "Technical Writing" workshop is now available as a series of short videos. Learn what readers look for in a technical document, tips for achieving precision and concision, and much more!

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The GWC is located on the first floor of Dudley Knox Library on the NPS campus.

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The GWC helps NPS students develop writing and critical thinking skills for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

Have questions? Reach us at (831) 656-3682 or

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