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Synchronous: coach and student meet at same time; intended for most students
Asynch: coach emails feedback

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0900-1400, 1500-1800




1000-1200, 1300-1500



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OUR Mission

Our Mission

To develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center!

Being a good writer empowers you. In a world where careful analysis of security challenges is sincerely needed, writing well takes on increasing importance, not only as a means of communication but as a reflection of one's ability to think analytically and critically.

We become strong writers through practice, constructive feedback, and a solid understanding of writing techniques. Our coaches and instructors support you throughout this educational process, providing guidance as you develop course papers and thesis chapters. While our coaches do not edit your work, they help you develop your ideas, organization, logic, arguments, grammar, punctuation, and citation skills.

Click here to watch a brief (4:40) introduction to the GWC's mission and services. Click here to watch a brief (5:05) tutorial on signing up for writing coaching and workshops using WCOnline. Eyes left to the big blue button that will take you to WCOnline.

Who says learning has to be work?

The poets and playwrights of Classical Greece created the archetype of the military hero who fulfilled his destiny on the battlefield. These ancient concepts of courage, honor, and military glory have come down through the centuries and continue to resonate today within the lives and careers of military officers.

See your world through different eyes as artists throughout history provide the human context that scholars have a hard time reaching.

In "My Glory Never Dies": the Military in Literature, Film, and Onstage, a series of five workshops offered on Fridays from 1300-1500, Dr. Cheryldee Huddleston (GWC contractor and instructor) will facilitate an entertaining and thought-provoking sampler of stories that have influenced Western culture and even military policy.

During the exceptional time we are experiencing globally and at NPS, these workshops encourage you to take a break, exercise your imagination, and build community. Join discussions that stem from your own responses, thoughts, and questions.

Faculty and staff are welcome!

See our My Glory page for additional details.


Asynchronous Coaching: M–F

Whether you’re overseas or overloaded, now you can get writing help any time. Sign up for our new service, asynchronous coaching. Submit a draft to the writing center for feedback on critical thinking and writing mechanics, then receive feedback by 1700 PST the day of your appointment without a real-time coaching session. Learn more about async coaching here.

Summer Workshops

The GWC and DKL will offer a full set of workshops this summer quarter, via Zoom. Download the flyer.

Coronavirus Update (5 June 2020)

The Graduate Writing Center remains in operation. We are dedicated to providing you the same level of service as in normal times.

Download a GWC services FAQ here.

Our coaches now work with students remotely. Appointments are conducted the same as with our DL students. For DL coaching guidelines, check this page, or contact your coach or For further information, see the announcement at the top of the WCOnline calendar page, which you reach by clicking on the SIGN-UP button to your left.

We offer a virtual drop-in coaching via Zoom. Have a quick question? Short paper that's due today? This service might be right for you. M–F, 1200–1300 PST. Check WCOnline or this page on our website for details.


New Video: What's Different About Academic Writing?

Check out our newest video, a six-minute introduction to the basics of academic writing.

Plagiarism Video & Handout

Check out "Plagiarism's Haunting Legacy" (5:27), a video produced by the Thesis Processing Office. NPS thesis processors presented a modified version of the video to an appreciative crowd at the 2019 ACES: The Society for Editing conference in Providence, Rhode Island.