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Writing a Thesis

Writing a Thesis or Capstone Report

Writing a thesis or capstone report is a significant project involving several academic skillsets—planning and time management, in-depth research, collaboration with advisors, writing, revising, and editing. But writing a thesis is also rewarding: it allows you to contribute to your field, showing how your ideas can be applied to your professional community and the world. With the right approach and support, you might even enjoy the process!

Writing Resources for Thesis Writers

At the beginning of your thesis journey? Check out these resources:

Advisors and Advising

Advisors are central to the thesis process. Our Advisors and Advising page offers tools and guidance to help optimize this important relationship.

Compilation of Abstracts

Read abstracts from previous NPS theses and dissertations.

Outstanding Theses and Dissertations

The NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun, maintains a collection of NPS Outstanding Theses and Dissertations—those that have received the Outstanding Thesis Award. These documents can be a valuable reference for thesis writers.