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Research Capabilities at NPS

Research Facilities

Official NPS Research Centers

Several Research Centers of Excellence have been established at NPS under the auspices of the Associate Provost and Dean of Research as per NPSINST 3900.2B. A Research Center is a group of faculty/staff with a significant concentration of expertise in a particular area normally with an emphasis on applications. (Research centers receive no funding from the Navy mission budget; they serve to organize and promote interdisciplinary experts around a common theme.) Every Research Center supports the NPS educational mission and displays a clear benefit to NPS, the Navy and/or DoD.

Official NPS Research Centers

Past Centers

Unique Research Facilities

The Naval Postgraduate School has several unique research facilities. These facilities have been developed to provide faculty and students with a dynamic research environment to work on problems of special interest to the Department of the Navy/Department of Defense. Classified facilities at NPS allow research up to the Secret Compartmented Information (SCI) level.

  • Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS)
  • Common Operational Research Environment (CORE) Program
  • Cryptologic Research Laboratory (CRL)
  • Directed Energy Simulation Laboratory
  • Interactive Digital Environment Analysis (IDEA) Laboratory
  • Ocean Acoustic Observatory
  • Radar/Electronic Warfare Laboratory
  • Rocket and Combustion Laboratory
  • Secure Computer Network Research Laboratory
  • Secure Space Systems Research
  • Small Satellite Development Laboratory
  • Spacecraft Research and Design Center
  • Systems Technology Battle Laboratory
  • TurboPropulsion Laboratory