What is CMIS

What is CMIS?

The Center for Multi-INT Studies (CMIS) is located at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. CMIS also has faculty and staff in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Multiple Intelligence (Multi-INT) is an interdisciplinary field seeking to understand how integrating intelligence in and across the intelligence business cycle can vastly improve value of the information generated by collection systems. CMIS conducts a wide range of programs focused on Multi-INT research, education, and discipline maturation. These programs are designed to advance the state-of-the art in the field as well as expand the number, breadth, and depth of researchers and institutions working in this domain.

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CMIS seeks to...

  • Conduct cutting-edge research and produce valuable research outcomes
  • Develop & disseminate high-quality academic products that advance the Multi-INT profession
  • Develop & enable a strong Multi-INT community
  • Create an "intellectual multiplier effect" to maximize federal investment - share program content, research results, and educational resources across the community
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833 Dyer Road
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Monterey, CA 93943

Phone: (831) 656-6258
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