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The Naval Warfare Studies Institute (NWSI) coordinates the Naval Postgraduate School’s interdisciplinary research and education to accelerate and enhance warfare concept and capability development of tactically and technically informed solutions for the U.S. Navy and Marines Corps.

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26 Oct - Cybersecurity: Defensing the 21st Century Battlespace (US DoD personnel only)
16-19 November - Maritime Grey Zone Warfare Innovation Workshop

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The Big Idea Exchange is an NPS initiative that brings forward new and potentially game-changing thinking developed by NPS faculty and students to address grand challenges in American national security.

The JIFX program exists to provide an opportunity for NPS faculty, students, private companies, and academia to demonstrate and evaluate new technologies related to the Department of the Navy and the Department of Defense research in an operational field environment, and also to provide the operational community the opportunity to experiment with these technologies to better understand the capabilities that they may represent.

A growing series of warfighter-relevant seminars started in 2019 with a series of discussions with the legendary naval strategist, retired US Navy CAPT Wayne Hughes, about his seminal work, "Fleet Tactics." Check back often for new additions to the collection!

NPS's Warfare Innovation Continuum leverages classroom projects, theses, and research in advancing naval concepts, assessing new technologies, and developing tactics while enhancing our students’ educational experience and sharpening their combat skills.


Internal Partners (List)

Internal Partners

The Cebrowski Institute is a hub of military innovation for the information revolution in military and security affairs for the US Navy, the US DOD and the nation. The Institute helps generate innovative ideas for information strategy and tactics and supports the information entrepreneurs who champion them in the Navy and DOD. The Institute works with leaders and community networks to bring the new ideas into practice.

The CCHT coordinates and conducts interdisciplinary research, education programs, and outreach in order to enhance the Naval Postgraduate School students and partners with the strategic, operational, and technological means necessary to detect, deny, disrupt, degrade, defeat and ultimately deter hybrid threats.

C3O is America's foremost center for defense-related research and education in software security, Inherently Trustworthy Systems (ITC), Cybersecurity Defense, and the use of computational systems in both defensive and adversarial Cyber Operations.

The CEE is a major component of the Navy Executive Development Program and is charged with preparing senior Naval leaders for positions of increased responsibility and leadership within DoD.  CEE provides professional development opportunities to Naval senior leaders with an emphasis on maintaining warfighting effectiveness while optimizing resources and enhancing business discipline.  

The Center for Infrastructure Defense focuses on the continued operation of critical military and civilian infrastructure in the presence of failure, natural disaster, attack, and surprise.

CSN supports the climate and security research and curricular needs of the Navy and DoD.

The network coordinates research and other activities on climate and security occurring across NPS to provide the optimum opportunity of understanding and analysis of these issues to NPS students, the Navy and DoD.

The Consortium for Intelligent Systems Education and Research conducts Integrated education and research in intelligent systems (artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science) to ensure the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are prepared to fight and win the 21st century.

The Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research was chartered at the direction of the Secretary of the Navy to create a broad consortium - spanning the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense, academia, and industry - focused on the advancement of unmanned systems education and research in order to "shape generations of naval officers through education, research, concept generation and experimentation in maritime application of robotics, automation, and unmanned systems."


As an interdisciplinary group of highly diverse faculty, the EAG maintains NPS  as a Navy center of excellence for energy graduate education and research. Our efforts focus on solving the Navy, Marine Corps, and Department of Defense’s (DoD) most critical energy problems through graduate education and research.

The Littoral Operations Center is established to enhance the U.S. Navy’s integration of land, air, sea and undersea operations along the world’s coastlines, through interdisciplinary research and development involving all the departments and schools at NPS.

MOVES enhances the operational effectiveness of our joint forces and our allies by providing superior training and analysis products, education, and exemplary research in the field of modeling and simulation. 

Your system or process may be primed to behave in ways you never imagined or intended. Find and fix unexpected behaviors lurking in your design with Monterey Phoenix, a user-friendly language, approach and tool for modeling and reasoning about behavior.

The Acquisition Research Program at Naval Postgraduate School has been generating the latest research in the acquisition sciences since 2003 by connecting students, faculty, sponsors, and external experts in the acquisition community. Our unique model professionalizes the next generation of acquisition leaders, delivers practical and data-driven research to Naval sponsors and provides an academic home for those looking to understand and improve the defense acquisition system.


The Naval Research Program is funded by the Chief of Naval Operations and supports research projects for the Navy and Marine Corps.

The Center for Data Farming's overriding approach has been to advance the state-of-the-art in conducting large-scale simulation studies, by developing and disseminating experimental designs that facilitate the exploration of complex simulation models. 

The Sea Land Air Military Research initiative is intended to address the “whole of country” challenges that face our Nation in a time of renewed great power competition.

The NPS Wayne P. Hughes NWSI Wargaming Center provides the Department of Defense, allies and defense partners access to the unique wargaming capabilities of the Naval Postgraduate School students and faculty.


External Partnerships (List)

External Partnerships

The mission of the Alfred M. Gray Marine Corps Research Center (GRC) is to support study and teaching at all levels within the Marine Corps through the storage of, organization of, and provision of access to tactical, operational, and strategic warfighting and international relations information. 

Inspired by its namesake, the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity enables an interdisciplinary approach to complex problem solving, fosters an environment that enhances our collective warfighting capability, and facilitates and encourages novel solutions to current and future warfighting challenges in order to expand the Corps’ competitive edge and improve our warfighting effectiveness. 

Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC), Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) is the institutional and intellectual epicenter for the evolution of the Marine Corps. They prepare the Marine Corps for what lays ahead through identifying and facilitating the fielding of Marine Corps warfighting capabilities to using units as expeditiously as possible

Mission: Develop and integrate innovative solutions to complex naval warfare challenges to enhance current and future warfighting capabilities.

Vision: To be the recognized leader in operational-level concept generation, warfighting development, and cross-domain integration to strengthen U.S. Navy warfighting power.

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One of the primary functions of the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) is to conduct research, analysis, and gaming to support the requirements of the Secretary of the Navy and others. The Center for Naval Warfare Studies (CNWS) at NWC complements our educational curriculum by serving as a home for original research, innovative thinking, and creative problem solving.