NWSI orients NPS student and faculty efforts towards addressing key operational challenges of the highest consequence and contributing to the development of warfighting capabilities for the naval and joint force advantage over potential adversaries.

For researchers at NPS, NWSI is your starting place for the latest strategic vision from headquarters. 

National Security Strategy Documents

Visions for the Fleet and Fleet Marine Forces

The Tri-Service Maritime Strategy provides strategic guidance on how the sea services will prevail in day-to-day competition, crisis, and conflict over the next decade.
The Commandant of the Marine Corps details how the Marines will adapt over the next decade, with annual updates.
Strategic focus areas: stand-in forces, littoral operations, modernization, force sizing and composition, training, and international cooperation. 
The Chief of Naval Operations releases strategic priorities every year for the Navy in this document.
Priority areas: readiness, capabilities, capacity, and sailors.