Your map to the research and innovation ecosystem at Naval Postgraduate School

Interacting with so much capability and capacity can be complicated. NWSI simplifies the process and then multiplies the impact.
The NPS research community has
  • 600 professor-researchers with decades of academic and military expertise
  • 1,600 mid-career resident students eager to conduct mission-focused research  
  • Classified research resources and spaces
  • Experimentation zones for emerging technology
  • Active collaborations with industry partners
  • Ongoing conversations with service headquarters and Fleet/Fleet Marine Forces
With a single phone call or email to NWSI, a Navy or Marine leader with an operational problem (but little or even no knowledge of NPS) can immediately mobilize a team of operational, technical, and tactical experts to work their issue.

Students – Our Secret Weapon

NPS has a capability unique in the world of defense research: our mid-career officer and enlisted students. They arrive with 5-10 years of operational experience, ready to focus on research topics that can deliver implementable solutions.
  • Students complete coursework, conduct research on an operational issue, and then complete a thesis or capstone project.
  • Close and constant interaction with the services while working on emerging concepts and priority capabilities ensures students and their faculty advisors align their efforts to the services’ most pressing challenges.
  • By doing so, graduates contribute to service efforts and return to the Fleet/FMF highly-attuned to current operations and future operational challenges.

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How it works

  • Naval or Marine leaders make the call to tap NPS's intellectual capital.

  • NWSI’s uniformed and civilian staff translate operational issues into education, research, wargaming, and experimentation objectives and tasks.

  • Interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students work these tasks, iterating with their operating force of Service headquarters partners to deliver useful and usable solutions.