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Provide the Department of Defense, allies and defense partners access to the unique wargaming capabilities of the Naval Postgraduate School students and faculty.

The Vision 

Provide DoD, allies and partners: 
• Access to wargaming education through the NPS Wargaming Mobile Education Team (MET). 
• The opportunity to sponsor an NPS student wargaming team to design, develop, conduct and analyze a wargame for their organization in the 11-week resident course. 
• Support, advice, and assistance from NPS wargaming experts as organizations stand up inherent wargaming capabilities and capacities. 

NPS Mobile Education Teams 

The NPS Wargaming Mobile Education Team (MET) stood up in 2011 to provide organizations the opportunity to educate a wargaming cadre to design, develop, conduct and analyze wargames through the Basic Analytic Wargaming Course (BAWC).  The BAWC is a 5-day course (40 contact hours) built around hands-on practical exercises coordinated with the sponsoring organization. 
The BAWC provides two benefits to the sponsoring organization: 
• Training a cadre of the organization’s personnel as analytic wargamers who can design, develop, conduct and analyze wargames for their command. 
• Leading students through a wargaming workshop as they are learning basic wargaming fundamentals. The workshop is focused on a wargame that the sponsoring organization needs to conduct, and by the end of the 40 hours the students conduct that wargame as a graduation exercise. 

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Contact Information

COL Jeff Appleget, U.S. Army (ret), Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Operations Research Dept
(831) 656-7674

COL Rob Burks, U.S. Army (ret), Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Dept of Defense Analysis
(831) 656-2787

Executive Assistant
Ms. Jane Barreto
Faculty Research Associate
(831) 656-2958

Nested Applications
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Wargaming Activities at NPS

Wargaming Week is the culmination of an 11-week course in wargaming applications. Drawing on extensive research, sponsor interaction, and their own considerable military experience, NPS students designed, developed and executed eight different wargames in this latest iteration – classified and unclassified – to dive deep into a range of technical and conceptual scenarios. A more detailed article can be found here.

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NPS WargamingHub Activities Articles

Publications from the Wargaming Hub Members

Wargaming at the Naval Postgraduate School

By Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron, Rob E. Burks, and Jeff Kline

Developing New Tactics and Technologies in Naval Warfare:  The MDUSV Example

By Jeffrey Kline, John Tanalega, Jeffrey Appleget, and Tom Lucas

Analytic Wargaming on the Rise

By Jeff Appleget and Fred Cameron