Research Education Students Partnerships
We develop new theory and apply it to military defense and homeland security problems. The CID develops and delivers short courses on a variety of topics related to critical infrastructure resilience.  Check out our student projects and explore new thesis opportunities. Learn how CID researchers support decision-makers at all levels of government, the military, and industry.


The Center for Infrastructure Defense (CID) focuses on the continued operation of critical military and civilian infrastructure in the presence of accident, failure, and attack.

Our team combines the expertise of senior scholars with a highly motivated student body consisting of military officers and government employees from the U.S. and its global partners.

We serve as trusted advisors to the military, government, and private sector. We stand ready to address both long-term and emergent issues related to national and international infrastructure systems.


The mission of the CID is to develop, review, and promote science in the service of defending critical infrastructure systems affecting our homeland at the national, state, and local levels.


Our goal is to provide analytical support for national, state, and local decision makers in government, the military, and the private sector regarding infrastructure defense.