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We serve as trusted advisors to the military, government and private sector. We stand ready to address both long-term and emergent issues related to national and international infrastructure systems.Our team combines the expertise of senior scholars with a highly motivated student body consisting of military officers and government employees from the U.S. and its global partners.  CID researchers have more than 150 years of combined military modeling expertise.

Our Team

Our Team

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Dr. Eisenberg leads research on the design, operation, and adaptation of resilient infrastructure systems with emphasis on applying resilience engineering theory to improve system design and emergency operations. He leads projects on the design and management of resilient island and military installation infrastructure systems.

Dr. David Alderson

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CID Executive Director

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Dr. Alderson's research focuses on the function and operation of critical infrastructures, with particular emphasis on how to invest limited resources to ensure efficient and resilient performance in the face of accidents, failures, natural disasters, or deliberate attacks. His research explores tradeoffs between efficiency, complexity, resilience, and fragility in a wide variety of public and private cyber-physical systems.

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Elle Hancock

Faculty Associate - Research
CID Program Manager

Dr. Emily Pesicka