Dysruption: a Novel Approach to Resilience Training for Critical Infrastructure

Dysruption Body

Dysruption, developed by the Center for Infrastructure Defense in collaboration with Arizona State University and the NPS MOVES Institute, is an online game that introduces players to some of the tensions and tradeoffs related to critical infrastructure vulnerability and operation. By playing the role of both attacker and operator for a critical infrastructure system, players learn how to prioritize infrastructure investment in the presence of time pressure, limited budgets, and (climate-driven) surprise events.

To date, Dysruption has been introduced at the 2022 Military Operations Research Society Symposium as well as at the Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School, as part of their intermediate and advanced public works classes.  CID is working to further expand Dysruption into DoD and military operational settings, so that agencies and commands can examine how their infrastructure systems and system operators handle challenges that fall outside of their design envelope. 

For further information regarding Dysruption contact the CID team:
Dr. David Alderson (Lead PI, dlalders@nps.edu) or
Elle Hancock (Project Manager, michelle.hancock@nps.edu)

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