The mission of the Operations Research Department is to provide premier graduate education in military operations research and to produce high-quality, objective, academically rigorous research and professional advice in support of military- and security-related operations. 

Our Department is one of the oldest, largest, and most highly respected OR departments in the U.S. It is without peer in terms of the extent to which graduate education is integrated with a commitment to solving real military problems. Our students and faculty use the latest mathematical modeling ideas and computing technology to penetrate deeply into the analysis of important real-world problems. Analysis is a key word; NPS operations researchers frequently influence decisions and serve as agents for change.



We educate analysts so that they are fully capable of conducting independent analytical studies of military problems, and to provide an educational basis for continued learning and development.

Resident Programs

  • MS in Operations Analysis
  • MS in Operational Logistics
  • MS in Systems Engineering Analysis
  • MS in Human Systems Integration (HSI)
  • PhD in Operations Research

Non-resident Programs

  • Master of Systems Analysis
  • Master of Human Systems Integration
  • Master of Cost Estimation and Analysis

Educational Opportunities

  • All degree granting programs open to qualified students
  • Open to working with stakeholders to construct programs to meet their educational requirements

See a list of OR Seminars here! (Internal users only)


Research and Facilities

Center for Infrastructure Defense

  • Focus on analysis to defend critical infrastructure

SEED Center for Data Farming

  • Focus on simulation experiments, efficient design

Crew Endurance Management Team

  • We help to enable individuals and their commands to design their daily work and rest schedules to achieve better crew endurance, healthier quality of life, and optimal combat effectiveness.

Warfare Innovation Continuum

  • An ongoing  project with cross-campus educational and research activities exploring the creation of asymmetric warfighting advantages across all domains. 

NPS Wargaming Center

  • The focal point for the DoD, its allies, and partners to access the unique wargaming capabilities of NPS students and faculty.

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Contact the OR Department

Department Chair W. Matthew Carlyle
Military Associate Dean COL Michael Kolb
Associate Chair for Instruction Javier Salmerón
Associate Chair for Research Roberto Szechtman
Associate Chair for Distributed Programs Dr. Steve Pilnick
Academic Associate Dr. David Alderson
Program Officer (360, 363, 355) CDR Cohick
Program Officer (361, 362) CDR Ulmer

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