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Originating during World War II as a response to tactical problems relating to the optimal operation of weapon systems and to operational problems relating to the deployment and employment of military forces, Operations Research (OR), also known as Operations Analysis (OA), has since evolved to a full-scale scientific discipline that is practiced widely by analysts in industry, government, and the military. It is the development and application of mathematical models, statistical analyses, simulations, analytical reasoning and common sense to the understanding and improvement of real-world operations. Improvement can be measured by the minimization of cost, maximization of efficiency, or optimization of other relevant measures of effectiveness.

The benefit of exploring this course of study at NPS is that the approach to teaching OR blends a balanced mix of modern technology with the best practices of traditional education. Computing technology is coupled with individual guidance and a superlative faculty in order to give each student a career enhancing educational experience. Each student learns computational methods and develops skills to identify relevant information, formulate decision criteria, and select alternatives. This education enhances performance in all duties throughout a military career including operational billets, technical management assignments and policy-making positions.

The OR program at the Naval Postgraduate School provides several world-class curricula designed to teach students the science of helping people and organizations make better decisions.

This science is necessary in today's increasingly complex operating environment in which officers and managers must respond quickly to a vast array of demands while also weighing the options and consequences of each into his or her final decision. OR offers a scientific approach through the use of many tools and techniques in order to assist an individual in his or her decision making process.

Additional information about the department is available from the NPS Academic Catalog, or search for OA and OS classes in the online catalog.