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359: Human Systems Integration

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes human considerations as a priority in systems design and acquisition, to reduce life cycle costs, and improve total system performance. HSI has been divided into several distinct domains that include human factors engineering, manpower, personnel, training, human survivability, health hazards, system safety, and habitability. HSI is based on the understanding that people (operators, maintainers, and support personnel) are critical elements of the system and that a human-centered design perspective promotes system effectiveness, safety, and cost savings.

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379: Master of Cost Estimating and Analysis

The Master of Cost Estimating and Analysis (MCEA) is a 24-month, distance learning graduate degree program designed to increase the accuracy and proficiency of DoD cost estimates and cost estimators. This curriculum is sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command. Students will learn cost estimating techniques commonly used in both DoD and industry, and acquire foundation skills and hands-on experience in all aspects of cost estimation, including shipbuilding, aircraft, software, and many other areas. Students enroll in two courses per quarter for eight quarters. Case studies and a two-quarter capstone project will complete the program. This program blends web-based, online instruction and uses Zoom for the live classes; it is especially tailored to students whose careers will not allow them to get away for a full-time graduate education program. Web-based courses are paced week-to-week by the instructors, where students have the flexibility to complete their coursework at times of their choosing during each week. The Zoom classes meet during a three-hour period each week at a pre-determined time throughout the program. Zoom courses are scheduled on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM eastern time (for odd-numbered cohorts) or Thursdays from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM eastern time (for even-numbered cohorts), once per week for three hours during the workday.

Cost analysts provide services that allow decision makers to accurately estimate the cost of their programs, to compare the cost of alternatives, and to help make informed decisions with regards to prudent resource allocation choices. This program is designed to educate the Cost Estimating Professional. It will help your organization meet government expectations, and ultimately result in cost estimates with greater accuracy and realism. The driving force behind this curriculum is the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act of 2009, signed by President Barack Obama, which created the Directorate of Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation within the DoD, and increases awareness of cost estimating issues. The MCEA addresses a critical need for personnel as the DoD will double the number of professional estimators in the near future.

The MCEA program will integrate courses from Operations Research, the Defense Management, and Systems Engineering Departments to provide an inter-disciplinary curriculum not offered anywhere else in the world.

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363: Systems Analysis

The Master of Systems Analysis (MSA) program is a distance learning, graduate degree program, designed to meet the needs of the Navy and other services in the Department of Defense (DoD) for technical graduate education in systems analysis as a basis for aiding key decisions on force requirements, weapon systems, and other defense matters. Students acquire foundation skills and hands-on experience in all aspects of analytical studies, which includes the skills to formulate problems, use the analytical process to design study requirements, highlight critical assumptions, recognize strengths and weaknesses of applied analytical methodologies, and evaluate study recommendations.