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The U.S. Naval Postgraduate School Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX) was founded in 2004 as a research venue for exploring frontiers of self-organizing tactical networking and collaboration. It provides students and faculty with opportunities for interdisciplinary study of agile adaptive wireless networks, social network dynamics, network-controlled unmanned vehicles, sensors, intelligent agents, and situational awareness platforms.

CENETIX integrates and manages the unique student-operated NPS-SOCOM Tactical Network Topology and Maritime Interdiction Operations Testbed. The plug-and-play testbed, which includes fixed, rapidly-deployable, and mobile network operations centers, stretches between NPS, Camp Roberts, San Francisco Bay, Ft. Eustis, Port Authority NY-NJ with global reachback to the US experts centers and overseas partner sites in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Greece and Singapore.

CENETIX supports several national level field experimentation campaigns, including the Tactical Network Topology (TNT) program, run in cooperation with U.S. Special Operations Command, and the Maritime Interdiction Operations experimentation series in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The project work at CENETIX involves cooperation with researchers and students from National Laboratories, top universities and military institutions, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, MIT, Naval Research Laboratory, University of California Santa Barbara, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Bundeswehr in Munich, Swedish National Defense College, Swedish Naval Warfare Center, Systematik-Denmark, NATO Maritime Interdictions Operations Training Center in Crete, Defense Science and Technology Agency of Singapore, and Salzburg Research. A strong group of industry partners supports CENETIX team work on TNT and MIO experiments Industry and academic partners are available from CENETIX PARTNERS link.

Dr. Alex Bordetsky serves as Center Director supported by a talented team of faculty and students.