Each year the Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX) conducts a series of field experiments.  These experiments comprise sponsored research in which we research emerging technologies and explore solutions to address challenges faced by the United States government and our military. 

We welcome mutually beneficial collaboration with private industry, educational institutions, laboratories and other organizations during our experiments.  We invite you to submit informal proposals that may lead to an invitation to interact and participate with us in our scheduled major events or in smaller projects.  Submissions that relate to any of our current focus areas will be considered for acceptance by the CENETIX team.  For a list of upcoming experiment dates, please see the “Upcoming Experiments” tab.  Further information regarding experimentation can be found on the field experimentation website.

Submission instructions

  1. The submission process is managed through this page.  We will review participation proposals and will invite selected respondents to join us for an event.  The submission window for each event is listed along with its dates at the “Upcoming Experiments” tab. SUBMIT ONLY experiment collaboration proposals.
  2. Click on the “submit” tab below to enter your information. 


CENETIX will arrange for the venue and supporting logistics.  Respondent’s costs include, but are not limited to travel, equipment, regulatory compliance, insurance, and licensing.  Invitees should practice self-sufficiency and bring all other resources necessary to successfully participate with us.


Our experiments are all unclassified.  Do not submit classified information.  Clearly label any proprietary or other sensitive information in collaboration proposals.

Note to submitters

DO NOT submit proposals for funding – we do not fund research.  No contracts will be awarded based on this or any subsequent announcements.