Accreditation - Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review

The Curriculum Review process flows from NPS’ mission of providing relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers of the naval service to enhance the security of the United States.

To accomplish that mission, the educational programs are structured around specialized programs of study (curricula) that fulfill the present and future defense-focused graduate education needs of the defense community.

The various curricula are designed to educate officers in specific Educational Skill Requirements (ESRs), which define the knowledge and skills a graduate should possess to function effectively as a professional in a given area of specialization. External sponsors exist for most NPS curricula and ESRs for a program are developed by sponsors in conjunction with NPS.

The primary purpose of the Curriculum Review process is to assess the degree to which the curriculum retains high academic quality and alignment with the mission of NPS as well as the needs of its sponsor. This process validates or modifies ESRs as required; addresses joint stakeholder requirements; and, identifies academic degree requirements that may be independent of the ESRs. This comprehensive review focuses on both the design and execution of the curriculum.

Beyond the specific content of the curriculum, the CR process examines a department’s capacity for providing a quality program, including issues related to faculty, research programs, and resources.

The curriculum review is a biennial process with the content of each curriculum is assessed every two years. The review occurs through a structured sequence of events including: the review of courses and content of curricula; checking the alignment of course outcomes with the curricular ESR; interviews with students, staff and faculty; and review of faculty and thesis research in the department. The review process culminates with the MAS' visit to campus.


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