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Defending Interdependent Infrastructure Networks

The proposed research seeks to extend the theory and implementation of mathematical models that can help design infrastructure systems that are resilient to attacks by weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Such models include (i) attacker-defender (AD) models for identifying vulnerabilities in a system and (ii) defender-attacker-defender (DAD) models for designing a system that is resilient to attack, or designing defenses that enhance a system's resilience. The project involves contributions from both the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). Both the NPS and the UTA will benefit by advancing the computational techniques that improve the study of system resilience and potential defenses that enhance a system's resilience. At the conclusion of the agreement, both NPS and UTA will have gained substantial knowledge on broad techniques that apply to electric power grids and systems dependent on power grids. Previous collaborative efforts between UTA and NPS have developed a series of AD and DAD optimization models for a single infrastructure system.
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University of Texas, Austin