The primary objective of the Cyber Academic Group is to offer educational programs, such as the multidisciplinary Cyber Systems and Operations program, to military Officers and government civilians.

These programs are intended to enable graduates to substantively improve the ability of our nation not only to support cyber-dependent missions and functions, but also to achieve focused objectives within the cyber domain itself. This is complemented by a synergistic linkage between cyber research relevant to the Department of Defense and U.S Government and the CAG’s graduate education programs. Student research topics address timely and relevant problems of sponsors and complement the longitudinal research efforts of CAG faculty members.

Faculty from the departments of Computer Science, Defense Analysis, Information Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Operations Research, and National Security Affairs as well as the Information Dominance Center for Excellence, the Center for Cyber Warfare, and the MOVES Institute are represented within the CAG, thereby ensuring education and research applied to the cyber programs are thoroughly interdisciplinary. Its members and their colleagues teach courses and conduct fundamental and applied research focused on a broad range of challenges in cyber systems and operations. As subject matter experts, they bring their knowledge and understanding into the classroom and ensure that courses and student research are current and relevant.



Degree-Granting Programs

  • Cyber Systems and Operations (Curriculum 326), Master's Degree conferred depends on track chosen.  There are four choices. 
  • Master of Science in Applied Cyber Operations (MACO) (Curriculum 336). Designed to serve Navy enlisted personnel with Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) and Information Systems Technician (IT) ratings, as well as the respective enlisted personnel in other military service.  The degree program is managed by the Department of Information Sciences.

Graduate Certificate Programs (Resident and DL)

CAG Courses

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Thesis Resources

CSO Thesis, CSO Capstone, and MACO Capstone Policies

The official Cyber Academic Group policy concerning requirements for theses and capstones, formation of committees, team theses and capstones, proposal and milestone requirements.

Masters Thesis Format

NPS maintains a website with information about thesis format. It's got a thesis prep manual and a lot of other useful information about theses and process. These folks encourage email questions from students (contact info provided) and also have workshops.

Master's Thesis Library Lookup

Thesis/Capstone Proposal Template in Word format

This link provides a template for your use during the development of your thesis proposal. (PDF)

CSO Thesis Extension Request

Use this form to request an extension to your thesis deadline.

IRB Checklist for Student Research

This link provides a Word doc form and contacts for Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements. Click here for more IRB info.

Graduation Checklists

CSO graduation checklist: 326-201 and earlier  Word   PDF
CSO graduation checklist: 326-202 and later   PDF
MACO graduation checklist  Word   PDF

Contact the Cyber Academic Group

Chair: Dr. Cynthia E. Irvine

Associate Chair: LTC Michael Senft