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Developing, Simulating, and Training for Cyber Attacks on Adversary Networks

This topic involves creating a virtualized replica of the Marine Corps Enterprise Networks (MCEN), with a full complement of Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Command and Control systems, for conducting automated testing of enterprise-level changes before they are implemented.

Research would entail enumeration of assets within the MCEN and exploring the interconnections between the various nodes as they are distributed throughout the unique Marine Corps Installations. Virtualizing the MCEN would enable methodical testing and evaluation of impactful changes-patches, introduction of new systems, removal of infrastructure, etc.-prior to their introduction to the live MCEN. Additionally, this research would entail an analysis of the current MCEN and detail the system-level modifications required to enable Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Command and Control (C2) systems to function and support interoperability with Joint C2 systems. This overall research and development would present a risk-mitigation benefit to the Marine Corps as well as a strategic planning and evaluation tool for the entire MCEN.
NPS Naval Research Program
NPS Naval Research Program