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Geospatial Technology (GEOSHAPE) in Support of AFRICOM

USAFRICOM desires to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UN PKO) in challenging security environments through the injection of DOD proven technology. NAVFAC, SSC-Pacific, NAVSOUTH, NAVAF (US Naval Forces, African Command), CCMR (Center for Civil Military Relations), and the NPS Dean of Research all have expressed an interest in the Information Systems (GIS) and data sharing capability will be used to create, report, and share geographically referenced information and forms the basis for this enhancement. it supports both planning and information sharing while improving situational awareness. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness, performance, and suitability of the system, it will be tested in an operational environment. The GIS and associated CONOPS could be used by aforementioned US Naval organizations in their efforts.
Information Sciences
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)