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Ground Stations, CubeSat Buses, and CubeSat Launchers: Sustaining and Advanced Development and Support

This proposal describes the effort associated with the continued development, coordination, and operation of CubeSat ground station systems, CubeSat buses, and CubeSat launchers in support of the Colony Bus program. Specifically, the NPS development and support effort includes the Mobile CubeSat Command and Control (MC3) ground station network, the Colony II Bus and the Next Generation Bus, and the NPS CubeSat launcher systems. The growing acceptance of the CubeSat, a very small satellite, as a means of accomplishing focused research objectives of national interest makes this project of great interest to the Space Systems Academic Group at NPS. It combines opportunities for student thesis work, university outreach, and the development of useful national capabilities, especially Key Functional Capability (KFC) #6, Innovative Capabilities.
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