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Network Administration and Technical Support

The Naval Postgraduate School will assist TRAC Monterey with part time support in the area of network administration and specialized IT support. While assisting TRAC Monterey the Naval Postgraduate School will complete the following tasks.

- Install and maintain networked computers in support of simulations in combat lab.

- Install, configure, and reconfigure hardware and software.

- Install computer simulations.

- Assist TRAC analysts with ongoing projects and research.

- Insure networked archival storage systems remain operational.

- Shared TRAC storage and backup systems.

- Software development server (hosts CVS & Bugzilla)

- Maintain TRAC Web Server ( and Combat XXI web server (

- Setup and maintain Condor computing cluster.

- Install and configure new IT hardware: Printers, servers, laptops & desktops.

- Maintain VTC in conference room.

- Provide a monthly progress report by email.
Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation Institute
TRADOC Analysis Center-Monterey