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Operational Resilience of Command and Control Systems to Maintain Multilayered Network Functionality in Response to Large-Scale Disruptive Events

The objective of this project is to understand the resilience of multi-layered networks, and more specifically the ability of network command and control (C2) systems to maintain functionality in the presence of large-scale disruptive events. We consider the general situation in which the behavior of a large multi-layer network system is governed by a relatively small subset of C2 nodes organized in different ways (e.g., hierarchical and distributed). We focus on the behavior of the network in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disruption that disables a large number of nodes, to include many C2 nodes. Our concern is the resilience of the networked system as a whole, i.e., the ability of the remaining C2 nodes to rebalance, reroute, or reconfigure the residual network so that it continues to perform its function in the immediate aftermath of the event. We will also consider optimal recovery strategies to reconstitute lost system performance. Thus, we propose to develop models, metrics, and algorithms for assessing and improving the operational resilience of such systems. We propose to validate our models using real system data provided by partner organizations, to include the Army Research Lab and Honeywell Aerospace.
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