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Simulation System Optimal Resource Organization Allocation for the MEB LCE in Support of Operation Assured Resolve

A software simulation tool will be developed to allow the modeling and performance simulation of a user-defined sustainment distribution network. The simulation will reveal the adequacy of the supply network to maintain required sustainment-level replenishment for combat units, and will also reveal non-intuitive behaviors of these networks. The network is designed to move materiel to consuming units from Combat Service Support Areas (CSSA), using logistics personnel and assets. The time-domain simulation tool will allow the user to define, parameterize, and optimally design arbitrary networks of supply and consumption nodes and logistics capability for materiel movement. The simulation will reveal adequacy of performance in meeting sustainment requirements (e.g. throughput), and network energy use will be calculated. The simulation will provide assessment of risk due to network vulnerabilities. This program will serve as a real-time tool for designing sustainment networks and assessing choke-points or factors limiting the throughput performance during military planning process.
NPS Naval Research Program
NPS Naval Research Program