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Social Network Analysis for Law Enforcement

The Naval Postgraduate School's (NPS) Common Operational Research Environment (CORE) Lab was established in 2007 and supports military, interagency, and law enforcement professionals engaged in counter-network, crime prevention, and irregular warfare (IW) operations by sharing knowledge, skills, and abilities related to several analytical methodologies. The CORE Lab specifically leverages geospatial, temporal, and social network analyses (SNA). The application of these methodologies allows a better understanding of the human terrain. Research and Outreach efforts will produce: 1.
Finalize code book and get it endorsed by an authoritative, national-level organization within the law enforcement community by the end of FY17. 2.
Develop and deliver two (one per FY) joint SNA Level II Outreach and Education for five or more agencies. 3.
Refine and deliver blocks of instruction each FY for first, second, and third tier agencies. Specially, first tier agencies will receive six events, second will receive three, and third tier will receive two outreach and education events. 4.
Conduct 2017 and 2018 Advanced SNA for LE Education and Outreach Symposium at NPS on the use of SNA for a minimum of 10-15 law enforcement agencies. 5.
Provide a project management plan, including Gantt charts, pilot agency selection criteria, MSRs, AARs, and bi-annual assessment of agencies. 6.
Produce a Final Report for FYs 17 and 18.
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