The Center on Combating Hybrid Threats seeks to conduct and coordinate collaborative, relevant, and innovative research related to state and non-state hybrid threats by leveraging the interdisciplinary expertise of Center members and partners.  
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Research Projects

Faculty will conduct research, and support student research, on topics related to hybrid threats and leverage the interdisciplinary expertise of Center members and partners.

Potential Research Topics:
  • Innovation and Combating Hybrid Threats
  • The Common Operational Picture in the Multi-Domain Hybrid Threat Environment
  • Indications and Warnings to Detect Hybrid Attacks
  • Challenges of Attribution 
  • Identifying Adversary Vulnerabilities to Hybrid Campaigns
  • Assessing Emerging Technology as Both Threats and Tools  
  • Public-Private and Civil-Military Cooperation in a Hybrid Threat Environment
  • Strategic Framework to Defeat Hybrid Threats
  • Maritime Security in an Age of Hybrid Threats
  • Naval Forces Resilience Against Hybrid Threats
  • Hybrid Warfare and Interoperability
  • Military Strategic Communications 
  • Cyber Defense
  • The Role of Energy Security in Hybrid Warfare
  • Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection
  • Improving Individual Resiliency 
  • Combating Disinformation
  • Deterrence and Hybrid Threats
  • Adversary Hybrid Strategies, Operations, and Tactics
Sponsor Proposed Thesis Topics:
  • Combating Malign Behavior at Sea 
  • Kinetic and Non-kinetic Hybrid Threats on Critical Infrastructure
  • Anticipated Non-kinetic Threats in Cyber Domain
  • Application of Narrative Economics to Escalation and De-escalation of Irregular Warfare
  • Use of Discrete Addictive Manufacturing to Help Mosaic Hybrid Warfare
  • AI and Machine Learning in Manipulating Adversarial Posture in Combating Hybrid Threats
  • Disinformation in Hybrid Warfare
If interested in becoming a sponsor for research topic(s), you can contact us here.

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