Student List

Ph.D Students

CDR Paul Frontera (USN), Thesis: TBD

Capt. Chris McGrath (USAF), Thesis: TBD

Ms. Lara Magallanes, Thesis: TBD

Mr. Giovanni Minelli, Thesis: TBD

CDR Jeffrey King (USN) , "A New Approach For Optimizing Image Collection From Space," 2014

CDR Michael Hurni (USN), "Real-Time Autonomous Path Planning for Multiple Unmanned Vehicles", in progress.

Maj Kevin Bollino (USAF), "Rapid, High-Fidelity Trajectory Generation and Retargeting for the Reentry of Reusable Launch Vehicles," 2006

Capt Jon Strizzi  (USAF), "Thesis: Numerical Methods for Real-Time Optimization and Control," 2003

MS Students

LT Rachel Barton (USN), "Precision Guidance of a Rocket Using Psuedospectral Optimal Control," 2015

LT Brian Fields (USN), "Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for Control Moment Gyroscope-

Based Attitude Control Systems," 2015

Ms. Courtney Guy, "Satellite Tasking via a Tablet Computer," 2015

Maj. Steven Wojdakowski (USA), "Rapid Slewing of Flexible Space Structures, 2015

LCDR Shawn Kocis (USN) "Prototyping and Characterization of an Adjustable Skew Angle Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope,” 2015

CDR Joseph Greenslade (USN), "An Optimal Control Approach to Mission Planning Problems: A Proof of Concept," 2014

LT James Kaufman (USN), "Automated Maneuver Design and Checkout for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter," 2014

LCDR Matthew Argenziano (USN), "Optimal Attitude Maneuvers for the Kepler K2 Mission," 2014

LT Matthew Leszczynski (USN), "Improving the Performance of MEMS Gyros via Redundant Measurements: Theory and Experiments," 2014

LT Eric Kinzbrunner (USN), "Analysis of Science Attitudes for K2 Planet Hunter Mission," 2014

LCDR Richard Arledge (USN), "Implementation of Optimal Controls Using Conventional Control Systems," 2014

LT Edward Tremblay (USN), "Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Space-Based Dynamic Target Selection," 2014

LT Thomas Manemeit (USN), "Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis for a Launch Trajectory," 2014

Capt. Adam Sears (USAF), "Design and Experimental Implementation of Optimal Spacecraft Antenna Slews,"2013

LT Gregory Contreras (USN), "Design and Prototyping of a Satellite Antenna Slew Testbed," 2013

LT Reid Smythe (USN), "Automated Techniques for Rapid Analysis of Momentum Exchange Devices," 2013

Mr. Wenjie Yeau, W “Operational Analysis of Time-Optimal Maneuvering for Imaging Spacecraft,” 2013.

Maj. Steven Crews (USA), “Increasing Slew Performance of Reaction Wheel Attitude Control Systems,” 2013.

LT Kerri Ackman (USN), United States Navy, “Prototyping of an open-architecture CMG system”, 2012.

LT Marta Savage (USN), “Design and hardware-in-the-loop implementation of optimal canonical maneuvers for an autonomous planetary aerial vehicle,” 2012

LT Travis K. Bateman (USN), “Design and laboratory implementation of autonomous optimal motion planning for non-holonomic planetary rovers,” 2012.

LCDR Joesph Cascio (USN), "Path planning for multi-link robotic manipulator," 2008.

LT Tom Merkle (USN), "Tethered Satellite System for Military Applications," 2006.

LT Ryan Lewis (USN), "Rapid Motion Planning and Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Vehicles," 2006.

LCDR Andrew Carlson (USN), "Optimal Control of Tethered Satellites," 2006.

LCDR Ron Moon II (USN), "Migration of a Real-Time Optimal-Control Algorithm: from MATLAB TM to Field Programmable Gate Array," 2005.

LCDR Jack Rust (USN), "Fuel Optimal Low Thrust Trajectories for an Asteroid Sample Return Mission," 2005.

CDR Patrick Shaffer (USN), "Optimal Trajectory Reconfiguration and Retargeting for the X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle," 2004.

CDR Andrew Flemming (USN), "Real-Time Optimal Slew Maneuver Design and Control," 2004.

Maj  Paul Mendy (USAF), "Multiple Satellite Trajectory Optimization," 2004.

LT Scott Josselyn (USN), "Optimization of Low ThrusTrajectories withTerminal Aerocapture," 2003.

LCDR Robert Stevens (USN), "Design of Optimal Cyclers using Solar Sails," 2002.

LT Jefferey King (USN), "A Framework for Designing Optimal Spacecraft Formations," 2002.

Thesis Opportunities

Thesis Opportunities

  • Optimal Orbit Transfer
  • Attitude Control Design for Agile Spacecraft
  • Optimal Orbit Transfer
  • Spacecraft Formation Flying
  • Motion Planning and Collision Avoidance for Unmanned Vehicles (Theory/Experiment)
  • Mars Exploration Trajectory Design
  • Autonomous Cooperative Control of Robotic Manipulators (Theory/Experiment)
  • Experimental System Identification Using Motion Capture Technology
  • Optimal Control and Adaptive Optics